i don’t fucking matter

i’m unimportant

no one needs me

im not worthy of living a happy life

no one cares about me

everyone is happier without meĀ 

everyone with an important place in my life will walk out for false reasons and i can never reassure them that i haven’t done certain things because they’re over caring about me before i even get the chance to know that they’re upset with me. over my NON EXISTENT actions.

oh how i love my mental diseases for being my reliable source of support, knowing they will never leave me no matter what. maybe that’s why i’m so fucking crazy, right? because ANYONE WHO IS A BREATHING FUCKING PERSON WILL NOT REMAIN IN MY LIFE AND I AM ONLY GOOD ENOUGH TO THE MENTAL ILLNESSES IN MY MIND BECAUSE THEY REALLY FUCKING KNOW ME.

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For mik.